Towns Črni Vrh and Zadlog offer countless walking trails and possibilities for hiking. You can climb to two exciting lookout towers with fantastic vistas all the way to Adriatic see on one side and Triglav on the other. Nearby town Col is an entering point for "on the edge" hiking tour. In Idrija you can check famous lace making and after that jump into fresh Bela rivier. 

Hikers on Via Apina are our regular guests. Via Alpina.


Climb the lookout tower on Javornik and enjoy an amazing vista. You can see all the way to Port of Trieste in Italy and to Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia, on the other side.

Walk on the Edge

The neighboring village Col is the starting point of the very picturesque walking trail on the edge of Vipava valley. Lots of blooming flowers make this walk especially lovely during summer time.

Velika peč

This peak above the village has a very inovative name - "Big Furnace" used to be a take-off point for paragliders. It offers yet another beautiful view over Slovenia.

Špičasti Vrh

The locals have build a high look-out tower on the top of "Pointy peak". It is a nice short climb with a lovely view all the way to Adriatic see.

Few more walking trails and hiking ideas

There are some less demanding trails available but just as picturesque and with some history to tell.


Cycling, mountain biking, down hill trails... You name it, Črni Vrh has it all.

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